International Gudstjeneste

A Warm Welcome
We are a community gathered around Jesus where everyone is welcome. Whether you are familiar with church or have never stepped in church before, this is a church for you!

The services are based on the evangelical Lutheran Church.

The services will be in english language or wil be translated into english.

What is International Church?
Praise and worship
Fellowhip and Friendship
Prayer and intercession
Gospel of Jesus Christ
Holy Communion
- for everyone....

Planned services in spring 2020
Sunday 2nd February 4pm - preacher Bent Skovhus
Sunday 1st March 4pm - preacher Tage Kristian Kristensen
Sunday 13th April 4pm - preacher Bent Skovhus
Sunday 14th June 4pm - preacher Peter Sode Jensen

After the service it is possible to join the meal community.

Adults: 35 kr.
Kids and students: 20 kr.
Max per family: 100 kr.

Initator Ole Korsholm Nielsen
Mobile: 26 74 91 67


Vi har hovedkontor i Kvaglund Kirke i Esbjerg. Vi arbejder med det Tværkulturelle i hele Ribe sitft og ønsker du/I hjælp til opstart af et Tværkulturelt arbejde er du/I velkommen til at kontakte os.

God fornøjelse med det Tværkulturelle arbejde.


Kvaglund Kirke Esbjerg

Kvaglundparken 18

6705 Esbjerg Ø

T. +45 8140 3039



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